Give the Gift of Travel with The Travel Club!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


We all have that jet-setter friend, sibling or loved one. This Christmas, fill in their wanderlust with these gift ideas that will make their sojourns extra memorable and convenient.

  1. Victorinox Lexicon Luggage

This ergonomically-designed luggage will impress even the most demanding of business traveller. Give the gift of unmatched durability to someone you know, this Christmas!





  1. Roncato Box 2.0 Luggage

Colorful and fresh: when they travel, they carry with them statement pieces exuding their vibrant personality. Give the gift of travelling in style!




  1. Traveler's Choice Ultimax Luggage

Then there’s the practical traveller who wants it simple yet still can go the distance. Give the gift of no-fuss travel!






  1. Hedgren’s Aura Collection

For someone you know who loves timeless designs that will never be out of style wherever she is in the world, give the gift of this graceful Hedgren new Aura collection.  



  1. Travelon’s Tailored Single Zip Wallet

Technology has turned the world fast-forward; unfortunately, identity theft has also become advanced. Give the gift of security (from data hacking of credit cards or even passports!) with an RFID blocking wallet (or bags!)





  1. Sea-to-Summit Pocket Towel

Bath towels are space-consuming they take away precious space for other travel essentials (cue: OOTDs). But Sea-to-Summit’s compact and easy-to-dry towels are ingenious! Give the gift of extra luggage space with pocket towels!




  1. BackJoy In-Flight Neck Pillow

Long-haul flights can sometimes cause back, legs and even neck numbness! Give the gift of travelling comfort with BackJoy’s neck pillow with memory foam.





  1. Eagle Creek's Pack-It Systems

Travelling is fun but packing can be a pain! For someone you know who finds it hard to pack, give the gift of organization through these cute packing cubes available in different colors and sizes!




  1. Flight 001 Spacepak Shoes

There are travellers protective of their shoes, if you know someone who wants it in perfect condition after packing in a luggage, this Flight 001 Spacepak Shoes is perfect for them.




It’s the thought that counts! Let someone you know happy with these luggages, bags and accessories at The Travel Club!


N.B. Visit your nearest The Travel Club stores to check on availability of these items.