20 Gift Ideas For Your Dad, According To Their Travel Type

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Celebrating Father’s Day is a yearly tradition. But every year, we can’t help but ask ourselves the same question: “What do I get the person who has everything they need?” And while we stress over answering this, we often forget that, for our dads, the best gifts are the ones that we carefully chose especially for them. Our fathers may be strong and sometimes a little tough, but they’re the biggest softies when it comes to their children.   

Finding the perfect gift for the person who raised and encouraged you to see the world (quite literally sometimes) is a challenging task. But it’s not impossible!

Whether yours is adventurous, geeky, safety-first, hip and trendy, or a busy bee when they travel, we’re pretty confident you’ll find the perfect gift for him here. Check out the list we rounded up for you.


For Adventurous Dads

We might not know this, but our fathers sometimes get their little wisdom nuggets whenever they go on an adventure. Make Father’s Day count with these travel essentials from Sea To Summit, Columbia, The North Face, Poler, and Smart4U.


1. Sea To Summit 20L Big River Drybag

If your dad loves beaches as much as he loves you, then this is the best gift you can get him.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 1890.00 here.


2. Columbia Delta Ridge Down Jacket

But if he loves winter nights or cold rains, you might want to surprise him with this very sleek down jacket.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 7990.00 here.


3. The North Face Mountain Light DryVent Jacket


If your dad gets excited about the thought of hiking and conquering mountains, then this lightweight jacket is his best clothing partner throughout the climb.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 15,990 here.


4. Poler Two-Man Tent

Best for dads who are in love with camping, this two-man tent is spacious and can actually fit up to three people—which means you and your mom can tag along with the fun! 

Get this for your dad for only PHP 18,390.00 here.


5. Smart4U City Bike Helmet

And if his type of adventure is a spontaneous bikecation around the city, you should get him this bike helmet for his safety.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 4990.00 here.


For Geeky Dads

Is your dad fascinated with smart technology? Do tech accessories make him feel giddy and happy? Well, maybe one of these finds from Livall, Moleskine, Victorinox, and Poler is the perfect gift for him. You can get one for yourself, too!


1. Livall Sport Helmet

Giving this to your dad is reminding him to take care of himself and that you love him big time! This smart helmet will make his safety its number one priority.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 7990.00 here.


2. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Here’s another smart tech wonder: a journal that transforms your handwritten notes into digital files. You need to let him discover all the things this writing set is capable of!

Get this for your dad for only PHP 14,990 here.


3. Victorinox Altmont Professional Fliptop Laptop Backpack

Let your dad geek out with this Swiss-army-knife-inspired bag. With this, he’ll find his best companion throughout his professional journey for sure.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 7490.00 here.


4. Poler Inflatable Solar Lamp

Powered by Mother Nature herself, this solar lamp is sure to make your dad’s tech-loving heart happy.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 790.00 here.


For Safety-First Dads

No matter how old we get, our dads will always want us to be safe. And we know you want that for him too, especially these days. Get him these safety essentials from World Traveller, XD Design, DFNS, and Travelon.


1. World Traveller Personal Air Purifier

Wherever he goes, make sure that the air he breathes is clean. He can bring this with him in his car or office!

Get this for your dad for only PHP 2990.00 here.


2. XD Design Protective Mask Set

Traveling these days requires high-quality protection, and your dad deserves nothing less. This mask set comes with a washable face mask, reusable filters, and a pouch to keep everything clean.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 890.00 here.


3. DFNS Hygiene Spray

This safety must-have for traveling is another well-thought-out gift for dad. From gym equipment to ATMs, this hygiene spray can keep surfaces germ-free.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 1390.00 here.


4. Travelon Portable UV Sanitizer Box

This portable sterilizer will keep his phone, credit cards, keys, and even glasses clean. It’s USB-powered so your dad can use this on the go.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 2990.00 here.


For Hip & Trendy Dads

Some dads are so effortlessly charming that even your friends wish their dads are as cool as yours. If your dad is one of those, make sure he never goes out of style with these items from Poler, Birkenstock, Tumi, and George Jensen.


1. Poler Schoolhouse Hoodie

Make your dad rock a young, casual look with this ocean blue hoodie that’s not only stylish but also very comfy.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 5490.00 here.


2. Birkenstock Arizona Birko-Flor Sandals


Here’s a perfect pair to his hoodie! With its proven durability and timeless style, your dad will have a high-quality pair of sandals he can use for years.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 4990.00 here.


3. Tumi Kelley Sling Bag

Perfect for dads who love traveling light, this sling bag is meant to store his safety essentials in the most stylish way possible.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 22,990.00here.


4. Georg Jensen Infinity Bag

Whether for business or a casual lounge in the park, this bag will surely work with any outfit and make your dad stand out in a crowd.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 28,990.00here.


For Busy Bee Dads

Every day, our dads make sure that there’s food on our table and our needs are taken care of. That’s why he works hard for the family. Express your gratitude with work must-haves like Backjoy posture seats, Travelon socks, and Poler chairs that will make him comfortably safe on his daily grind.


1. Backjoy Core Lux

Sometimes, our dads are so busy that they forget to take care of themselves. Remind him about the importance of good posture with this gift. He can even use this when he’s on a road trip!

Get this for your dad for only PHP 4990.00 here.


2. Travelon Compression Socks

Perfect for extended periods of sitting, this pair of socks can keep your dad’s legs from getting tired and achy. Not only it supports leg muscles and joints, but it also provides comfort for your old man.

 Get this for your dad for only PHP 690.00 here.


3. Poler Adventure Chair

Take adventure to your home and get your dad this chair equipped with a table and storage pockets. Just imagine him sitting here, chilling in your yard while listening to his meeting on his portable speakers.

Get this for your dad for only PHP 3890.00 here.


To make things easier, every item in this list can be conveniently bought at The Travel Club stores nationwide—or here at www.thetravelclub.ph, for those of you who love to safely shop from home. 

Happy Father’s Day to all your wanderful dads!


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