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Working to Live

Submitted on August 18, 2017 - 4:15pm

You start your day cooped up inside the cubicle. Deal with the infinite pressure as bound by our mundane, monotonous responsibilities.
Day in and day out. And right before you know it, another day has passed. Sometimes, you think to yourself how everything ends up
into a blur. When everything you wish that could be gets sidetracked by things that drain and hang you to dry. Don’t get me wrong. It
has its own merits. Not only it helps make ends meet, but it also promotes personal growth, and develops your own sense of


I used to be a typical employee. I’ve experienced working on nine-hour shifts, including the precious one-hour lunch break, five days a
week. I found that dedicating most of your time to a job can be very demanding. It taxes you physically, mentally, and emotionally. If only
I could close my eyes, even just for a bit, and imagine a different view other than the same gray walls. It was then I realized that I am
missing out on life big time. I thought to myself that if I do intend to work for a living, when do I start working to live?
Back then the closest that I can get to traveling was the long hours of traffic from the daily commute on EDSA on my way to and from
work. I’ve longed for a change of pace for myself just so I could keep my sanity in check. Gladly, I get to experience traveling as my way
to recharge.


There are things to consider in balancing my time between work and my newfound love to travel. It requires sitting on, setting up your
life goals, then marking it as a priority. At first, it sure is not an easy task to manage my time for both. It may be tedious at times but it’s
feasible. I start by listing all the places I wanted to explore, plotting them for the whole year, while keeping a personal rule of elimination
as I tick off the ones that can be done and cannot be done along the way. This is to bring balance between work and leisure while
considering the business needs that have to be met.


I’ve sacrificed movies and bars on a weekend for a taste of the local scenes and culture in far-off places. Instead of scrolling my
Facebook newsfeed, I’ve researched itineraries and travel blogs during my free time at work so I can maximize the limited time spent on
each destination. From the possible routes to all the prime locations. At the end of the day, we all have 24 hours in a day so you better
ask yourself where you want it spent, what you want it done, and how efficiently you can max out on life in that 24 hours. Jot all your
ideas down and start working on them - whether it's your travel goal or your career goal. It all boils down to one thing: what would matter
to you at the end of the day.