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Wonders of Calayan

Submitted on August 18, 2017 - 4:27pm

They say start the year right so on the first week of 2017, I booked myself a flight up north tagging some of my friends along. Landed
safe and found myself riding a car to Claveria, a third class municipality of Cagayan. Settled in to a mini hotel and got myself a good
sleep for next day’s 6AM wake up call. With me falling asleep came the thrill of exploring the gems of Calayan Island. Finally.
We woke up the following day embracing the cold breeze while the sun started spreading its warm color across the sky. That moment
we knew something good was bound to happen. We could feel the excitement running through our veins. But things went beyond our
expectations when we found out about how much time it would take to cross Claveria to Calayan with barely a fisherman’s boat
fighting against the giant waves of South China Sea. We couldn’t think too much, couldn’t let it pass so we said yes to adventure. Six
hours past wasn’t really bad in exchange for one week’s unbelievable stay in a place we now consider my top local destination. For
the second time that week, things went beyond our expectations. Our expectations weren’t as big as what the place offered. All we
knew was we wanted to go back here even if we haven’t left yet. Let my photos speak the beauty of Calayan Island.



After bidding our farewell to the wonders of Calayan Island, after a rare moment with the moon's passing and sun's waking at once,
after long hours of encounter with the open sea ~ finally, we could see the silhouettes of the mountain range of Claveria. Though we
didn't know how far or near we were ~ one thing we're sure of's we're returning home, at last. And on our way home are stories worth
recalling, memories that carved a much deeper sense of adventure within us. And it never felt so good to know that this is yet another



I realize that some adventures are exhibited by not knowing how things would turn out ~ whether you are chasing time and losing
against it, whether or not you're gonna live after a terrifying boat ride, or even praying to the great Gods for a perfect weather ~ there
isn't really a guarantee of a great outcome. But if I have not allowed myself to leave my comfort zone and have thought too much of
my safety, I probably wouldn't make it to the most breathtaking scenes. It was the week after exploring the beauty of Calayan Island
that I learned to never let the giant waves take away the adventures I deserve. Never.