Why I Decided to Explore Region 12

Submitted on August 18, 2017 - 4:29pm

What’s holding you back in saying yes to adventures?

Safety? Money? If these two things are on top of your reasons, then we share the same sentiments. I used to choose the easy path - freeing myself from danger. Moreover, I’m that guy who failed to secure piggy bank when most of my friends did many years ago. I thought I was boring. I never knew how to save up. But there comes a point when you really have to look over and right before I know it, something turned around. Next thing I knew was unfolding the gems of SOX.

I could clearly recall how hesitant I was when I booked a flight to General Santos City. I have never set foot in Mindanao. I’ve only seen news and heard things about it on TV and online. Trust me, there’s too much information. But that, in a way, triggered the thrill because I thought I was finally bound to capture a clear picture of what it’s like to be in SOCCKSARGEN or SOX (that’s South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos City).  Concluding it to be the best place is a little too pumped up. So I’d say unique - from the cinematic scenes in Lake Sebu to the aesthetic Mosques of Cotabato. The Asik-asik Falls which happens to be my favorite waterfalls now, the visually appealing fish port complex of GenSan and an unexpected community work in Saranggani - all happened in less than a week. It got too overwhelming but I see myself coming back to these places.

At one point, I thought I'd say no. Thought I wasn't ready. Made myself trapped in little lame excuses until I found myself waking up to unfamiliar scenes. And in that moment, I knew things swiftly changed. When I started realizing what leads me down new places,  I became fully aware of how big it is the world we live in. That it contains so many layers I never knew about. That sometimes it isn’t a matter of safety and money but rather opening yourself to adventures you deserve.