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Travel: An Investment in Life

Submitted on December 31, 2016 - 6:39pm

Visiting a new country or traveling to a new place can cost you a lot. It can cost you a big portion of your savings. It can cost you extra hours at work or cause you to take multiple jobs so you can add more money to your travel funds. It can cause you to spend less on the unnecessary and more on your goals. You can scrimp on the actual experience by traveling vicariously through books and films about world destinations, as you imagine life beyond where you are. However, know that to experience the world firsthand will always be an entirely different story. It’ll be your story.

One thing I’ve learned through my travels is that to be able to witness, explore and experience much of the world as we could firsthand truly is the best teacher. Whether it’s a souvenir or a memory, you get to keep a piece of a place for yourself when you travel and that is a reward in itself. Invest in immersive experiences that will let you see breathtaking views and walk on historical paths that will give you a glimpse of a place’s past. Have a taste of all the local flavors and find the most authentic dishes. Feel the wind on your skin and hear the waves crash towards the shore as you cherish just being in the moment. Let all your senses come into play to create your own point of view of the world and let that view be imprinted in your life story. It’s worth the monetary value if the value you get in return is immeasurable and irreplaceable—just like your very own experiences.

As we get older, we’ll gain more experiences and memories that are hopefully worth looking back on and worth remembering. Invest in a life filled with stories worth telling. Share your memories to hopeful adventurers and guide them as they prepare themselves for the adventures their life and travels have to offer. Traveling opens up so many possibilities to discover new things and grow not just as global citizens, but as better human beings as well.

So aim for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The journey is only half the thrill; the other half lies in breathing it all in and being in the moment. In a world filled with beauty and wonder, you really do have a lifetime to explore. Hopefully when you reach the end of your journey you’ll be able to say, with a full heart and a big smile on your face, “I believe I have done it all.”