Tick Off and Take Off: My Travel Bucket List

Submitted on August 18, 2017 - 5:36pm

With a million possible adventurous experiences try, travel bucket lists seem endless! The count never seem to lessen because as I cross out some, I add some, and then I think of some more. It’s not the places I’ve been to that I include in the list, but I’d go for more something that’s a special feature of a destination. In this list, I’ve included three that I have already crossed out and two that I really want to try soon!



Oh, Siem Reap, you had me at 8 legs of deep-fried madness! I love being adventurous with food and this was on top of my must-try foods in Cambodia—clearly, I’m no food blogger, ha! Along Pub Street, where nights in Siem Reap come alive, are restaurants and bars where people eat, dance, and party. In a small food cart parked in the street, you’ll find a vendor selling deep-fried exotic food from locusts to worms to scorpions to snakes and of course, my tarantula! I spent two days mustering up the courage to try it, failed on the first night and sought for liquid courage on the second. I started with the legs, chewing on one leg at a time, mmm…it’s salty and crispy. After my 8th leg, with one big bite, I ate the whole body and thought, hey, it’s not bad at all! It’s chewy and meaty and unlike the scorpion, it’s not hard to gnaw on. That’s also how I wrapped up my Cambodia trip.













If you're afraid of heights like me but still daring enough to try skydiving, this could be your introduction to “free falling”. IFly, Singapore’s Indoor Skydiving, has the world’s biggest wind tunnel so instead of falling, your whole body is actually being blown from below and it feels like you’re falling from 12,000 to 3,000 feet through the air. There’s a professional indoor skydiver there with you to guide you throughout your experience. Honestly, it feels like flying more than falling so if you also want to feel light as a feather, this is your best bet and I promise, no height frights here! Definitely loved this experience and I still am up for skydiving—It’s also in my bucket list!














Quite frankly, Bangkok is not Bangkok without their transgender community—they are the queens of the nightlife. Just walking along the tourist areas of the city, you’d see plenty of drag queens in gowns and thick makeup roaming around, promoting a show to be held later on that evening. I’ve always loved theatre and I surely won’t skip out on a good show so we booked tickets to the best and longest held cabaret show in Bangkok, The Calypso. Quality and tasteful, I have to say! We were entertained from start to finish by the top-rated performances of the talented Thai transgender artists who lip-synced and performed different sets with different themes. It’s good fun for the whole family!



It’s one thing to relax in a hot spring…but to relax with snow monkeys, that takes it to a whole new level! It was in the early 60s when these monkeys descended from the forest and dipped their toes in the hot springs, looking for a source of warmth. Hey, they loved it! Ever since, they have been chilling in the water when it gets too cold because it snows in Jigokudani for more than four months in a year. There’s a resort in the area where tourists can book a night or two with a private hot spring they can dip in—well, not so private if a monkey calls dibs on your hot spring! Nonetheless, snow monkeys are used to humans and they say it’s safe to relax with them. Japan is one country I absolutely love returning to and this is something I am looking forward to experience on my next trip!




I have never been to Europe and perhaps a good chunk of my bucket list is found there. One of them is a beautiful maze in Vaals, Netherlands where one can get lost in and possibly end up in two other countries—Yup, you read that right! This is Europe’s largest outdoor shrub maze that connects three countries on three maze ends: Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Planning to add more countries to your travel list, this could be your easiest and most fun way to do so. Oh, I sure plan to!