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The Myth of Work-Life Balance

Submitted on March 3, 2017 - 11:35am

Nowadays, there’s been so many articles, so much talk and discussions on finding a Work-Life balance for millennials as myself. I think that there shouldn’t be a separation; it is a fact already that work blends into our lives or to make it clearer, it blends into other aspects of our life. One significant example of that actually is travel!


Definitely, travel is becoming more and more important to people especially now that it has become more accessible. When one travels, the expectation usually is that it should be relaxing, free from stress and provides an escape from the most stressful thing of all – WORK! (Haha) There are the usual ways on how to ensure this such as:


1.    Filing your leaves on time and making sure that you have enough days

2.    Finishing everything you need before you leave, so nothing is left hanging

3.    Appointing a point person should anyone need something from you during the trip

4.    Completely disconnecting by leaving laptops and work related items behind


HOWEVER! There are occasions when work and travel do blend, and it is on these occasions that it can be the best thing!


To share, I work for a multinational company and our yearly incentive to hit our targets is a trip abroad. Fortunately, after a good year, I was sent together with my teammates on a trip to one of the best places in the world, NEW YORK USA! And it was then that I realized that work and travel should need to be separated at all. It was really a very exciting thing to do since there are things you don’t normally get to do with people from work – you get to build new experiences, new memories that you won’t get stuck in an office cubicle.


​After that US trip, I had succeeding trips with different people from work. From domestic to international trips – Cebu, Kalanggaman Island, Hong Kong, etc., and these were definitely fun and memorable! The best thing about going to trips is actually strengthening relationships, and it contributed to creating a better working environment.





From my experiences, I can definitely say that work and travel can be balanced. But it’s so much better when you get to blend the two well.