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The Joys of Travelling Solo

Submitted on December 31, 2016 - 6:30pm

More often than not, the idea of traveling solo posts a great amount of stress. With high expectations and hopeful excitement, you pressure yourself with the responsibility of doing everything you have to do to experience the best trip ever. From doing the necessary research in creating your itinerary to booking your flights and taking the journey alone, every phase can be a challenge. Fear or self-doubt can easily weigh you down, making you dread your next travel.


In spite of these apprehensions, should you really let tedious preparations get in the way of creating an unforgettable journey? I think not!


It all begins with a change in perspective. If you want your trip to be relaxed and easy-going, that’s all up to you. If you want it be stressful and tensed,

that’s up to you too. In the case of traveling solo and pursuing the things you want to do, you have no one to consider but yourself and how you choose to look at things. Use this to your advantage and customize your trip according to what you want and how you want it to be!


You can easily make the journey worthwhile right from the beginning of your planning stage down to actually creating new experiences. If you want to visit all the museums in that city, do it. If you want to try dining at that fancy restaurant, do it. If you want to check out that novelty shop filled with random souvenirs, go and check it out. Let time be your friend. What matters to you is what matters most.


Even with the perfect itinerary however, sometimes things can go against your plans when you travel and when you travel alone, this can easily bring you down. Solo travel will teach you how to shift your mindset when you have to, giving you a chance to gain a new perspective of a place and of yourself because you have no one to rely on but yourself. So keep a positive mindset to gain positive experiences as well.

Whether you choose to travel solo or not, never lose sight of why you travel. No matter how things turn out, always aim to create joyful experiences that are worth looking back on and doing all over again.