3 Things I Learn After Traveling with Family

Submitted on August 18, 2017 - 4:04pm

Solo travel plays an important role in my life and traveling with group sometimes made me rethink if I should join or not. But traveling with family is a different story. It gives you the feeling of excitement that it would be a great trip. So let me share 3 things I learn from traveling with them.



I create my own itineraries and when we have travel plans, they always asked me to do it. From ticket prices, accommodation bookings, places to visit and even budget creation is prepared by me. It was daunting but I enjoy it for a reason. It helps me create better travel itineraries and discover a lot of new places to visit. You discover new travel applications and websites that you can suggest to friends who plans to travel. It might be simple, but having a great travel experience always starts with a great research.



Just like a travel group, my family also have different personalities and expectations. And traveling with them helped me developed my travel guide skills. You explain the itinerary and expectations in the place, you constantly remind them what ticket or pass they need to use, and even wait for them to finish their restroom break. It gave me a different perspective during mishaps when traveling. I felt more relaxed and think of better solutions to still continue with the plans.



We live in fast-paced environment where both work and social media takes so much of our time and traveling with family breaks this cycle. It allowed me to listen to their stories, laugh with their jokes and most especially create memories that can last a lifetime. This also gave me the opportunity to better understand how to reconnect with people during my own travel.


So, make sure to create travel plans with your family. You might be able to discover new things that can help you during your own travel.