3 Things on How I Balance Work and Travel

Submitted on March 3, 2017 - 11:16am


The idea of being on the road, traveling and making money through your adventure is surely a great deal. Exploring new places, taste different delicacies, sleep under the stars and just live the life you love. But, what if you have a corporate job and are a travel bug?

It is not the end! I also have a corporate job, do language classes and travel to new places to explore. So, let me share things on how to balance work and travel!



If you really want to travel, then tell yourself that you wanted to travel. It is not your officemate or your partner or your parents that will make you travel. It will help you re-align your goals and easily prepare your itinerary for you to enjoy. Use this mindset to plan on when to take your vacation leaves (VLs). It would also be better if you string it with holidays so you will have longer out of office time and fewer deductions on your VLs. The mind if so powerful that you will be surprised that you are set to go on exploring in a couple of days.



Since you are working, you will receive a stable salary for sure. Use a portion of it to save up for your travel. Look at your career as a valuable piece that fuels the other part of your life. Be good at it, learn from it and reap your rewards. Though we do have different styles in saving up, one common thing is to set up a travel fund. If you put in a small amount every payday, it will add up to a larger amount which can probably pay a return ticket to a place you wanted to visit.




There is definitely an instance when most of your officemates will plan, but as the travel date is nearing, most of them are gone. Well, let it be, just travel alone. There are a lot of benefits when you travel alone, and I can surely give you a list of it! But one thing is for sure, traveling alone can make you a better person. It allows you to have experience travel in a different perspective. It gives you time to think and plan what would be your next step. And of course, just do what you wanted to do.



If you want to travel, there will always be a time and way. It all depends on how you will create that opportunity. And as Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste the experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”


How do you manage to balance your travel and work? Share it in the comments below!